Private Instruction

Beginner and Intermediate Classes Available
Lessons by Appointment for Children, Teens, and Adults

The Art and Culture Center of Hollywood offers private instruction for students of all ages and skill levels. These one-on-one lessons give students the ability to progress at their own pace, allowing them to gain full understanding of the discipline being taught. No prior experience is required.


• Guitar
• Percussion
• Piano
• Recorder/Flute
• Voice
• Violin
• Songwriting

Other disciplines

• Acting/Public Speaking
• Creative Writing
• Visual Arts

Currently individualized or small group instruction is available for all genres except piano.

One Hour Lesson: $55 Members, $60 Non-Members
6 Lesson Package: $300 Members, $330 Non-Members
For more information or to register, call 954.921.3274 or visit

Acting and Public Speaking

Acting lessons are great for those currently seeking audition coaching or for those who want to improve their individual acting skills. We will work with youth trying out for a magnet middle or high school program, Jr. Thespians, or current thespians seeking advice on their piece for competition. Classes are perfect for professionals hoping to gain confidence, stage presence, and improve their delivery.

Musical Instruments

Learn to play the guitar, recorder, flute, violin or piano! Lessons will introduce parts of the instruments, vocabulary, techniques, music theory, and more. Students will have the ability to progress at their own pace, allowing them to gain full understanding of playing the instrument and music appreciation.


These lessons are for those of all skill levels who want to work on establishing skill in rhythm through the use of percussion instruments. Students will be exposed to different instruments, drumming techniques, music theory, and more.

Songwriting/Creative Writing

Amazing for those who would like to write a song or a short story! These lessons will help improve your writing technique, vocabulary, and grammar. Instructors will guide students in lessons and encourage individual creative writing.

Visual Arts

Art lessons are perfect for those serious or curious about creating their own art. These lessons will introduce techniques, terminology, and more in painting, drawing, sculpture, etc. Students are invited to bring in the supplies they are interested in experimenting with for guidance from artist professionals.


Perfect to prepare for auditions and competitions! Private voice instruction develops proper breathing, stage presence and vocal delivery, improves pitch and tone, and projection. Advanced students will perfect performance skills and can study effective techniques in classical, Broadway or contemporary music including foreign language selections.

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